Flamenco Cultural Center
in the Heart of Seville

Photo: Paco Sánchez / Bailaora: Pastora Galván

We are la Casa de la Memoria. The place where you can feel authentic flamenco in Seville, where you can learn from its roots, where you can experience art, feel “the duende” and discover a culture that leaves no one indifferent. We open our doors to a unique experience… you will surely be crazy to enter and experience it. Let ‘s go!


Discover the talent of artists who have flamenco in their veins.


Shows to feel flamenco in first person.

Cultural center

A center to learn about the authentic roots of flamenco.

Discover a unique and exciting culture.

Live an unforgettable experience

Live the passion, the art, the talent, the flamenco expression at the highest level… Feel an unforgettable show up close.

Our thing is Flamenco Culture, and yours too.

Do you want to know the latest news about flamenco? Don’t miss anything and live it like never before, follow our networks and feel it with us.

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