Wisdom and excellence. Masters who bring together exquisite technique and extraordinary pitch. They are the metronome of the show, accompanying the singing and dancing with rhythmic perfection and melodic harmony.

Jordi Flores

He began his career in the flamenco clubs (peñas) of Barcelona, accompanying artists such as La Niña de la Puebla or Miguel Poveda. Shortly after, he joined the Liceo de

Manuel de la Luz

Manuel de La Luz, Young guitarist from Huelva, with an extensive artistic career. He has accompanied great figures of Flamenco Cante, such as Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, La Susi

Pedro Sánchez

He was born in Seville in 1974, son of the great singer Naranjito de Triana who was the one who introduced him to the study of the guitar and the

Raúl Cantizano

He composes for numerous shows including the award-winning “Tejidos al Tiempo” and “La Gloria de mi mare” by Choni Cía. Flamenca, “Ti-me-ta-ble” by Marco Vargas and Chloè Brulè, or “Malgama”

Salvador Gutiérrez

Sevillian guitarist, born in 1970 and began to play the guitar self-taught, until he began classes with the guitarist Manuel de Palma. Shortly after, at the age of 13, he


Tino van der Sman was born in 1974 in The Hague, Netherlands. At the age of 12 he will begin his guitar studies and just 2 years later, he will

Carlos Llave


Carlos Llave, a native of Algeciras, began to play the guitar self-taught until he entered the school for young creators in Algeciras with Santi Vargas and Carmen Rodriguez (duo la