Power and mastery in the voices. Artists who not only transmit with their singing, but also stand out for their knowledge of the history of Flamenco. They have years of experience in solo singing, and especially in the difficult techniques of singing for dancers.

Bernardo Miranda

Bernardo Miranda was born on 06/08/1988 in the hometown of Fernán Núñez (Córdoba). Singing comes to him through family transmission. At only eight years old he began to sing, at

Iván Carpio


He was born in Jerez into a family with a great flamenco tradition, both on the maternal side and on the paternal side. He is the grandnephew of the renowned

Jeromo Segura

Jeromo Segura was born on April 16, 1979 in the City of Huelva. Self-taught in flamenco singing until 2000, when he was among the finalists of the “Huelva Young Fandangos

Juan de la María


Juan de la María (Juan Núñez Peña) from a gypsy family from Jerez, with roots in Utrera and Lebrija, in love with flamenco and sharing the stage with other artists.

Manuel Pajares


Francisco Manuel Pajares Carmona, was born in Santa Amalia (Badajoz). Since he began his career at the age of 15, he has won numerous awards throughout Spain and has appeared

Mercedes Cortés


Mercedes Cortés (La Mina neighborhood / Sant Adriá del Besos 1976). A singer with an elegant personality, the Barcelona native began her career in the city’s main tablaos. Being very

Quini de Jerez


Joaquín Marín Flores, known artistically as “El Quini de Jerez” was born in Jerez, in the Plazuela neighborhood, in 1980, into the gypsy family of the Pastillas. He began as

Sebastián Cruz

Sebastián Cruz Márquez, born in Beas (Huelva), in 1977, a singer with a family tradition, has been singing since he was 12 years old at parties, clubs and festivals. He

Tremendo Hijo


José Javier Guerrero Hernández, flamenco singer, better known in the history of the art of flamenco singing with the stage name Tremendo Hijo, was born in the neighborhood of Triana