Temper and wild passion in equal parts. These artists are pure heart and feeling, capable of transporting you to all kinds of places with the delicacy of their movements and the strength of their heels.

Adela Campallo

Born in 1977 into the Campallo family. A family with a deep Flamenco tradition. She received training from teachers like José Galván ...

Almudena Serrano

She was born in El Puerto de Santa María and, at a very early age, she began studying flamenco dance with Angelita Gómez and ballet classes at the Belén Fernández

Carmen Young

Carmen Young, a dancer born in Mexico in 1992, began studying dance in her native country at a very young age, to further deepen her learning of Flamenco dance with

David Pérez

Born in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville), it is in this town where he took his first steps on stage at the age of 13. Teachers such as Manolo Marín, Javier

Antonio Molina “el Choro”

Antonio Molina, “El Choro” was born in Huelva in 1985 where he learned the basics of flamenco from his father “El Choro”.

Iván Orellana

Sevillian dancer, born in 1992, began his training at a very young age with teachers of the stature of Merche Esmeralda, Rubén Olmo, Gala Vivancos, Alejandro Granados and Pastora Galván

Felipe Mato

He began his training as a child in Spanish dance, classical ballet and flamenco. He studied at the Seville Conservatory of Dance and at the Matilde Coral School.

Manuela Rios

He trained with teachers such as Manolo Marín, José Galván, Farruco and La Toná. He debuted very young at the tablao La Trocha, until he performed at the Lope de

Juan Carlos Cardoso

He trained very young at the Seville Conservatory of Dance, although he has enriched his knowledge with Antonio Canales, Eva Yerbabuena, Mario Maya, Javier Barón, Juana Amaya, Israel Galván, Javier

Lole de los Reyes

Sevillian dancer born in 1996, belongs to one of the most important dancer dynasties headed by her father, the great dancer and renowned teacher, Juan de los Reyes, from whom

Maribel Ramos “Zambra”

She was born in Barcelona in 1977 but Almería is the city where she trained as a dancer in all areas (Spanish classical, bowling school, classical ballet, folklore and flamenco).

Marina Valiente

She was born in Seville in a family of artists (dancers, musicians, actors.) At only 3 years old she participated in performances in Seville with his parents' academy "La Valiente",

Marta Arias

Graduated in Spanish Dance at the Seville Conservatory, she completed her studies with courses in flamenco, stylized, classical, contemporary and regional dances; she was part of the Danza Ciudad de

Óscar de los Reyes

oscar de los reyes 1800x600
Born in Seville, at the age of 7 he began his dance studies at the José Mancilla y Margarita academy. He has also received training from teachers such as Farruco,

Yolanda Osuna

Born in Córdoba on February 26, 1981, she began his career in schools and trained at the Luis del Rio Professional Conservatory of Dance. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in

Irene Rueda

irene-rueda_1800x600 copia

Born in 1993 in the emblematic neighborhood of Albaicín, Granada. She begins dancing at the young age of four. At the age of eight she entered the “Reina Sofía” dance

Gloria del Rosario


Gloria García de Castro, Sevillian dancer born in 1995, studied at the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Seville between 2008 and 2014, and currently at the Andalusian Dance Center, her

Gema Moneo


Gema Moneo was born in 1991 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, into a well-known flamenco family “the Moneo”. She soon began her training at the hands of renowned artists.

La Moneta


Fuensanta ‘La Moneta’, dancer and choreographer (Granada 1984), is an artist with an early vocation. While still a child, she competed in the most famous zambras of Sacromonte and Granada

Marina Pomares


Of Spanish origin, born in Toulouse, she discovered flamenco at the age of 12. Marina trained with the greatest flamenco artists: La Farruca Montoya, Farruquito, Eva La Yerbabuena, Carmen Lesdesma,

Pastora Galván


Daughter and sister of dancers, Pastora Galván (Seville 1980) has a passion for dance in her blood and has inherited the tradition of the dances that her father has transmitted